The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski

The Shadow Society


Darcy Jones doesn’t remember anything before the day she was abandoned as a child outside a Chicago firehouse. She has never really belonged anywhere—but she couldn’t have guessed that she comes from an alternate world where the Great Chicago Fire didn’t happen and deadly creatures called Shades terrorize the human population.

Memories begin to haunt Darcy when a new boy arrives at her high school, and he makes her feel both desire and desired in a way she hadn’t thought possible. But Conn’s interest in her is confusing. It doesn’t line up with the way he first looked at her.

As if she were his enemy.

When Conn betrays Darcy, she realizes that she can’t rely on anything—not herself, not the laws of nature, and certainly not him. Darcy decides to infiltrate the Shadow Society and uncover the Shades’ latest terrorist plot. What she finds out will change her world forever . . .

In this smart, compulsively readable novel, master storyteller Marie Rutkoski has crafted an utterly original world, characters you won’t soon forget, and a tale full of intrigue and suspense.

What I Liked


I really love the concept of multiple dimensions, so in theory this book was right up my alley. In Darcy’s version of Chicago, everything is normal, however she is not. She is a member of the Society – those who can ‘ghost’, basically turn invisible. And I think that’s really cool. Especially since she cant remember anything before age 5, and the fact that she’s just been arrested by her English partner (I’d definitely blame him for a lack of grade there). She’s actually a Shade comes from another dimension, where the Great Chicago Fire never happened. I won’t give anything else away, but that idea was brilliant.


I also loved the friendships, how close she is to her friends and how they basically mean everything to her. I could really relate on that level. And the fact that Darcy and Conn actually spent time getting to know each other before professing their undying love. There is nothing I hate more that Love At First Sight. Yawn.

What I Didn’t Like

Towards the end, the novel got a little… dull. Don’t get me wrong, it was really interesting, but I found I had to take a quick break, then force myself to the end. I know others would definitely like it, but it’s not my cup of tea. So yeah, the ending was one thing I didn’t like. I feel The Shadow Society had so much potential – too much potential, I had really high expectations, and what I read couldn’t fulfill them.



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